Get to know Sir Bookish Billow of Tree Trunk Hollow

How did sir bookish receive his knighthood ?

 As a young man, young Edmund Bookish Billow fought for the Mother of Roses in The Great War. When the other soldiers fled their post, he banded together with the townspeople to save Tree Trunk Hollow from destruction. During the ceremony of flowers the following spring, he was knighted. Today, centuries later, he still watches over Tree Trunk Hollow. 

What are your magical powers

Sir Bookish's Magical Powers evolve over time as he gains experience. They have also been known to change in the moment depending on his environment and his companionship. Some say he can vanish into thin air and that he can manipulate time

Does he have any family

Sir Bookish is many centuries old and has adopted several pet plants, kitties, and woodland creatures over the years. He has a sister who lives north in the snow and he considers his lover and partner, Sir Gobbert The Wise, his family too ❤️

How long have sir bookish and sir gobbert been together And how did they meet ?

Sir Bookish and Sir Gobbert grew up side by side in the enchanted forest. Neither could say how many years, or months, or centuries it has been since they became lovers, but they've  always fancied each other and know of no better companion.

How old is he

Sir Bookish and Sir Gobbert are centuries old. No one in the enchanted forest knows exactly how long they've been alive.

What is the Creepiest book he owns?

While studying anthropodermic bibliopegy, Sir Bookish acquired an ancient book of shadows that once belonged to the dark mage, Lord Arachnus. as the term implies, it is  bound in human skin.

How old is Leaf Pet and where do I find one?

Oh! This is quite a new leaf pet, born only 6 or 7 months ago. He was born as all leaf pets are,  in the cabbage patch on the night of the full moon. over many years, sir bookish has raised hundreds of leaf pets who have since become strong, healthy tree spirits and guardians of the forest 💚

Favorite places to explore?

Sir Bookish loves exploring different corners of the enchanted forest with new traveling companions. He enjoys the swamps where sir gobbert lives, la Luna river where the Olkara spirits dwell, and of course the various cabbage patches where all leaf pets are born 💚

What is Sir Bookish's Favorite Book ?

"The Picture of Dorian Gray" on most days, but he's been known to enjoy a good Emily Dickinson poem or Sylvia Plath's "The Bell Jar" when he's in a bit of a gloomy mood

What was the Lover's quarrel between sir bookish and sir gobbert about ? 

Sir Gobbert is quite sensitive and he is a bit of a sore loser. It was his belief that Sir Bookish was spending so much time tending to his kitchen books that he had become neglectful. Sir bookish then suggested a game of chess, which sir gobbert lost and the whole thing just turned sour

 What is His favorite spell ?  
He would be embarrassed to admit it, but Sir Bookish is quite lazy when it comes to housekeeping and is very fond of the "tidy cottage" Spell.