Anima In Bloom Zoom Full Moon Circle October 1, 2020!

ABOUT: This event is a pay-what-you-can community building event for magical humans! Come as you are! No witchcraft experience is required! We just want to celebrate the end of the cycle and empower fellow magic users!

WHO IS INVITED: Baby Witches, Druids, Brujas, Witches, and Magical Beings Young and Old

WHAT TO EXPECT: Angie and Natalie are kind, eccentric humans and they want to lead you in a new moon ritual which will help you to access your divine feminine power through guided meditation, movement (optional), and ritual! Suggested materials will be emailed but nothing is required!

HOW MUCH DOES THIS EVENT COST: This is a pay-what-you-can event! If you want to join us, please do! Money is not the point!

If you'd like to donate and help us continue hosting these events, please do so here or click on the photo below!


Our circle is a SAFE SPACE! So remember that no one has to share if they do not want to ! We want you to feel free and have fun! Kindness ONLY! We are nice, but we are tough; if you are being a jerk, we will kick you to the curb!


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