#Witchtober2020: The Water Witch Spell Jar

Today's prompt for #Witchtober2020 is the celebration of all the sea witches out there through the Water Witch Spell Jar.

A while ago, I created this spell jar as a custom gift for the mother of an Anima fan. They wanted something that celebrated the ocean and the flowing, abundant magic of water. I liked the finished product so much I made one for myself! I knew then that I wanted to officially add it to the Anima collection.

This jar can be used as a water element on your altar, for spellwork, or as decoration around your space to connect to your oceanic self. This spell jar is also great for Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

So close your eyes to the warm sun. Breathe in the life-giving, salty sea breeze. Hear the waves crash and embrace the pebbled sand and shells of milennia's past.