Honoring our October Goddess of the Month: Poetry

One of the ways to honor our respected deities is through creative magic. We've chosen to honor our October Goddess of the Month, Morrigan, through poetry.


Celtic goddess of death Morrigan in battle crow Al Muse artist

Art by Al Muse


Is there love
In the shadow
Of death?

Fog over hill,
Sword over shield,
Blood flows
Into life-water
And crows finick
With their death-shock
Fresh feast of eyes.

Wolf, to crow, to hare,
She transforms silently
In a symphony of screams.
Gore-slick rock
As she stands astride
The roaring river
Naked, love-making,
Three heads of prophecy.

Wolf-skin warmth
And cold-metal death.
Vengeance and cold honesty.

Can she
Hear me
Begging to her?



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